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healthy weight loss dietFacts are facts. Any truly healthy weight loss diet consists of two things: moderate caloric intake and regular “sweaty” exercise. There is no way around these two main factors.

Can I still eat desserts and treats? You may still eat dessert. Contrary to many popular diets out there, you can still eat sweets just not as much or as often as you are used to. A common practice is to plan a dessert night each week. Allow yourself a normal portion of dessert (no pint size bowls of ice cream or half a package of cookies, folks). This way you still get the treat but hot every night of the week.

Do I have to exercise? Yes. There are no two ways about it – you must exercise. Cutting calories isn’t enough. Your body is a complex machine. Unlike a car whose gas tank holds fuel till the carburetor calls for it, your stomach takes what you feed it, and then your body does three things with that food.

#1 uses what it for the current needs.
#2 Discards the indigestible (poorly chewed food and high fiber foods) and
#3 Stores it (as fat)

healthy weight loss diet2So, you must learn to eat less to fulfill your body’s current needs AND exercise to stay fit. Exercise is more than a way to burn off fat. Firstly, it is the means to stay fit and strong. Don’t expect to loss wight and keep it off without regular exercise so don’t bother with a weight loss plan that doesn’t expressly tell you to include it.

What kind of food can I eat? This is both easy and hard to answer. If you think of your body as a high performance car that runs best on high octane fuel, the answer is simple: eat food that is as close to the way it comes when it is grown. Fruit and Vegetables – fresh or lightly steamed. Meats – raised as naturally as possible and processed minimally. Dairy – Raw. Grains, Nuts, Seeds, minimally processed. The hard part comes in when we face the “taste” barrier. But once you get past the initial taste barrier, you will find foods amazingly tasty without MSG, food coloring, preservatives, etc…

But I can’t stand plain tasting food? OK. Most of us least need our taste buds satisfied or we just won’t eat! So, here is where we do a little compromise. You want to lose weight so you will want to make the permanent changes. But make those changes a bit at a time. Drink just one Coke not a 6-pack. Use less sauce on you pasta. Skip the stuffing or at least cut back to a 1/2 c portion. Choose one dessert at a pot luck, not some of each. Cut down on fatty sauces Fat man holding a beer glass against white backgroundand dressings. You may not lose weight as fast but at least you are heading in the right direction. Look at weight loss as the by-product of a healthy lifestyle not the main goal and you will eventually lose pounds a few at a time.

What about alcohol? Aside from the occasional glass of wine or social drink, alcohol is best to be avoided. Alcohol acts like sugar in your system and as such will cause your blood sugar to rise and fall sharply driving you to eat or drink even more.

I don’t have time for making meals. What do I do about that? There are many, many programs out there that offer healthy balanced meals in 10 – 30 minutes.

 Posted on : July 23, 2014

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